New Coast Boutique Hotel District

Planning for a small in or Hotel in Boracay?

  • Average lot is 600 square meters;
  • Average cut is 20 meters (frontage) x 30 meters (depth)
  • Total of 70+ lots - 55 lots will be available for sale; 20 lots are reserved by GERI
  • There will be a local hotel brand (Richmond Hotel 7,600 sq. m).
  • Salvage Zone – 20 meters from the beach; cannot construct
  • permanent infrastructure to safeguard the beach ambiance.
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities – is currently developed to ensure the environment is clean.
  • South Beach (Miami), Fishing Village (Key West), Mediterranean concept/theme.
Maverick John Pua
Assistant Sales Manager
Megaworld Corporation
US,CANADA HOTLINE (818)539-6080

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